Safepoints in der JVM.  Dazu: Inwiefern viele Samplingprofiler unter Safepoints leiden und async-profiler, ein JVM-Samplingprofiler ohne Safepointbias.

 Matthias Benkard's birthday

Starts: Monday November 27, 2017 @ 12:00 AM
Finishes: Tuesday November 28, 2017 @ 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday Matthias Benkard
Principled is a ScalaCheck addon for law checking.  Similar to Discipline, but simpler maybe.
Functional Programming in Scala for Mortals looks like an interesting book to keep an eye on.
Buildah is a new tool for building container images from the Atomic project.

Unfortunately, it, too, still fails to support unprivileged container creation.
The Heresy Programming Language
The Heresy language is a functional Lisp/Scheme dialect implemented in Racket, with syntax inspired by the BASIC family of programming languages. Its principle goals are to provide a simple core language for BASIC and other programmers to experiment with and learn how to program functionally.

A BASIC-inspired language with monads and S-expression syntax?  Uhh... okay?
monet.js - Powerful abstractions for JavaScript
Monadic library for functional programming in JavaScript.
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Build Your Own Atomic

If you'd like to:

  • Build your own copy of the Fedora Atomic or CentOS Atomic images, or
  • Compose and serve up updates or different package sets for an Atomic host...

...then this might be the howto for you.
Matthias Benkard in English hat sein/ihr Profilfoto aktualisiert

Oh.  Wow.  Boy, was I wrong about not being able to segregate posts in different languages into different channels.  You can actually do it in a downright magical way:

  • Create a new channel for each language.
  • Have the new channels follow you.
  • In each of the new channels' connection settings, select an import filter of lang=xx where xx is the language code of the language you would like to represent in the channel.
  • Add your main channel as a channel source with no filtering.
Hubzilla then goes and republishes just the posts with the selected language from the respective channels, and it does so without you specifying the language anywhere—instead, it autodetects it.

I like it.
As far as I can tell, Hubzilla can't easily deal with multi-language channels.  It's one of those features that still makes MulkCMS special, I suppose.